Environmental Monitoring Systems

With a combination of skills in design, engineering, applications, validation and training we work with our clients to ensure each system is comprehensive for their needs.


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Calibration and Technical Services

Air Techniques International offers service and calibration for both ATI and DOP Solutions lines of current and legacy equipment. Our USA facility is ISO 9001 certified and complies with all applicable FDA and Nuclear industry requirements, and our UK facility is working towards certification.

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The Academy for Cleanroom Testing (ACT) is a part of our Air Techniques Academy that provides theory, practical, and examined training courses for the global Cleanroom and Containment industries. Courses currently delivered in our UK training rooms are:

HEPA filter testing to ISO14644-3 (Photometry) Cleanroom Classification to ISO14644-1 (Particle Counting) Airflow Measurement and Testing Biosafety Cabinet Testing to EN12469 and NSF49 Introduction to Cleanrooms and Testing Cleanroom Technology (CTCB-I) Cleanroom Testing and Certification (CTCB-I Professional or Associate)

All of our courses (except for CTCB-I Testing and Certification) are available to run at a clients facility, at any location around the world. Knowledge and skill, along with confidence and certification, can be gained from our wide range of courses. Each course is developed to share the main compliance standards for that discipline, focusing on ISO, USA and UK/EU regulations. Our tutors are experienced and confident at delivering a great training experience for all who attend (from beginners to experts), and are able to share the current best practices which have not yet reached the national or international Standards. More courses in other air techniques will follow, and we aim to run them in our other facilities in the near future.

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