Frequently Asked Questions

Aerosol Reagent & General FAQs

  1. Return Material Authorization (RMA)
  2. Acceptable Substitutes for DOP
  3. Suitable 4 cSt PAO aerosol reagent for use in HEPA/ULPA filtration testing applications
  4. ATI PAO-4 (4cSt polyalphaolefin) Food contact
  5. PAO-4 (Emery 3004)
  6. More Emery vs. DOP
  7. Use of PAO-4 (4 cSt polyalphaolefin) in lieu of DOP/DEHP in a mono-disperse, “hot” aerosol filter penetrometer (i.e. Q-127, Q-76, Q-107) to Mil-Std 282
  8. Acceptable PAO (Polyalphaolefin) for Filter Leak Testing
  9. Aerosol Correction Factors
  10. HEPA Vacuum, NPFU & PHEAF Testing
  11. ASTM D2986-95A (1999) Standard
  12. Loading Effect of Oil Aerosol Challenge during Filter Leak Testing
  13. Comparison of Particle Count (#cm3 or #ft3) to Mass Weight per Volume (µg-liter)
  14. Recommended Shelf life of PAO-4 (4 cSt polyalphaolefin)

Aerosol Photometer FAQs

  1. TDA-2G & TDA-2GN Quick Reference Guide
  2. 2H & 2HN Quick Reference Guide
  3. Filter Leakage Testing Using Analog and Digital Photometers
  4. Concentration Measurement with Photometers
  5. Mass Flow versus Volumetric Flow
  6. Aerosol Photometer Calibration with DOP & PAO
  7. Aerosol Photometer Response Time Constant
  8. Aerosol Photometer Recalibration Interval
  9. Aerosol Concentration
  10. 2i Digital Photometer Data Acquisition
  11. Unstable Photometer Display
  12. Digital Aerosol Photometer Internal Reference
  13. 2i Aerosol Photometer Data Logging
  14. Aerosol Photometer Sample Flow Less Than 28.3 lpm
  15. Sample Flow Effect on Photometric Response
  16. Effect of LSC Straylight on Photometer Operation

Aerosol Generator FAQs

  1. TDA-5A & 5B Comparison of DOP Substitutes
  2. Liquid capacity of ATI Aerosol Generators
  3. Thermal Generator Inert Gas Propellant (Models TDA-5A, 5B & 5C)
  4. TDA-5A 5B or 5C Pulsing or Wet Aerosol Output
  5. Converting the TDA-5A-5B Generator from DOP to PAO Operation
  6. Laskin Nozzle Generator Conversion from DOP to PAO
  7. Laskin Nozzle Aerosol Concentration
  8. Portable Laskin Generator Compressor Requirements
  9. “Portable” Compressor Requirements for Laskin Nozzle Generators
  10. Laskin Nozzle Aerosol Generator Recalibration
  11. Testing Biological Safety Cabinets (BSCs) using TDA-5A, TDA-5B, or 5C Thermal Condensation Generator
  12. PAO-4 Particle Size Distribution of a Thermal Condensation Generator (ATI-5C)
  13. DOP (DEHP) Particle Size Distribution – Thermal Condensation Generator (5 Series)
  14. PAO-4 Particle Size Distribution on a Thermal Condensation Generator (5 Series)
  15. Particle Size Distribution of a Laskin Nozzle Generator Using DOP (DEHP)
  16. Particle Size distribution of Laskin Nozzle Generator using PAO-4 (4 cSt polyalphaolefin)
  17. Compressed Air Volume Required for a Type III‐A Laskin Nozzle Aerosol Generator
  18. Upstream Challenge Aerosol Introduction Point
  19. Required Upstream Aerosol Concentration
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