biodetection system

Real-Time Biodetection Sensor

The Real-Time Biodetection Sensor is the state of the art in real-time facility biological threat detection and classification. The uses a patent-pending polarization-based optical technology to detect and classify airborne  biological threats (spores, vegetative bacteria, viruses, and toxins) with 0.5 micron sensitivity.

The product line offers:

• Lower false trigger rates than incumbent technology
• Single-spore sensitivity
• Classification of four biological threat types

  • Biological Threat Detection
  • Classification of Bio Agents
  • Facility & Critical Infrastructure Surveillance

The EBS™ polarization-based technology is an innovative approach to surveilling and classifying airborne biological threats for facilities and critical infrastructure. When compared to currently available trigger technology, the EBS™ yields lower false trigger rates and improved sensitivity; resulting in greater reliability and confidence when installed or deployed in the field.

The EBS™ Provides:

• Real-time detection of airborne biological threats
• Proven test record of lower false trigger rates
• Classification of threat types, resulting in actionable intelligence and improved response planning
• Greater sensitivity than florescence-based detection technology (single-spore levels)
• Compact and lightweight design allowing for easy deployment of multiple units

Product Specifications
Technology Optical light scattering and polarization (optional orthogonal fluorescence detection channel)
Sampling Real-time airborne particle detection and classification
Sample Rate Continuous monitoring 24/7/365 at 3 or 35 L/min
Threats Spores, Vegetative Bacteria, Viruses, Toxins. (0.5 micron & greater)
Sensitivity <25 particles/L of air
Alarm Programmable down to 1 second with indoor/outdoor alarm settings
Interface Onboard LED display & audible alarm
Communication RS-232/RS-485 & encrypted Ethernet standard, optional secure wireless/cellular
Outputs Particle data, bio-alarms per threat, diagnostics
Input Power 110-220VAC 50/60 Hz
Operating Temp 14°F to 104°F (-10°C to 40°C)
Humidity 5% to 95%, non-condensing
Storage Temp 22°F to 140°F (-30°C to 60C)
Dimensions 12"L x 6.45"W x 5.46"H - without battery
Weight 5.0lbs (2.2 kgs)
Enclosure Aluminum IP67